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3 Pre & Post-Production Steps

Before You Get Started...

1. Schedule 2 of Your 4 Profit Parties/Zooms
2. Copy/Paste Text Threads To Cellphone Notepad & Practice With Your Sponsor
3. Host 2 - 4 Events From Step 1
4. Complete ED2 & ED3 Roadmap
Print ED2 & ED3 Roadmaps

Step 1 - Create Cashflow Conversations with a Question

Share this 7-Minute Video with 5 - 10 People
Text - Call - Inbox - Email 5 People  

Ask one of the following questions:

“How soon can you watch this 7min video so we can discuss this Daily Pay?” 

“Which one of these 3 Cashflow Streams should we tackle 1st?” 

“I need your help…Do you mind looking at these passive Cash Flow Steams with me to give me your opinion?” 

Step 2 - Start Your 3-Way Text Thread

The Cheat Code To ED3 & Above Is Edification

Edify An Expert & Present

"Pre-qualify your prospects before the Q&A call" -BNB

Upline Replies: "Copy/Paste/Send" Text Thread

"When in doubt, call and close them out!" -BNB

Step 3 - Schedule Your A Q/A with Your Upline and the Prospect

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