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Before You Get Started

  1. Join our main Telegram group.  For updates, promotions recognition etc. https://t.me/+eHM4NJxWCYEzNTAx
  2. Visit www.MWRPromos.com to create your Welcome Banner. Email/Text a the banner to your sponsor for recognition.
  3. Connect your MWR e-wallet to your checking account.  A 5-digit ID and password were assigned and emailed to you when you joined. (Check spam/bulk/junk folder)
  4. Print the "4 Steps to 4 Figures"  document and watch training videos 1, 2 & 3 below.
Print 4 Steps To 4 Figures Roadmap

4 Steps To Self-Fund The $149/mth

  1. Create Your Story: Upload Docs under membership
    (Pay Stubs- Bill Shredder - Debt - Credit)
  2. Document Your Story
    (Take Screenshots of Before & After)
  3. Share Your Story
    (Telegram, MWR FB, Upline, Intake Form)
  4. Tell Your Story
    (Zooms, Streamyard etc)

Video 1: Stay In Your Lane

The key to building any business is the proper mindset. The key to building MWR is to know your role in the system and master it. Click the video below to enhance both your mindset and the proper way to use it in the Extra Digit System!

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Video 2: 4 Steps to 4 Figures Per Month (3* Executive)

Contact your upline after you watch this video.

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Goal: Sponsor 3-6 QMDs Within 30 Days
Who Do You Know?

Contact 50 Prospects Regarding Your Urgency and Excitement.  Use grouping as a technique to develop your pipeline.

10 Friends
10 Associates
10 Co-Workers
10 Neighbors
10 Social Media Friends
10 People with Part-time Jobs

10 People In the Military
10 People Approaching Retirement

10 Millennials 
10 Foreign Friends
10 Parents
10 Friends of Significant Other

10 Family Members
10 Sorority Sisters
10 Fraternity Brothers
10 College Friends
10 Out of State Friends
10 Friends of Your Siblings

Step 1 - Start Asking Questions 

Share the S.I.M.P.L.E. videos: www.ExtraDigitMovement.com

Upline "Experts" 

2* Executive Directors and Above ONLY
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Video 3: The Cheat Code To 3* Executive Director & Above Is Edification

Extra Digit Documents

Schedule Your Wealth Promotion 

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions of MWR Financial Business


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So What Do I Do Now?

1. Schedule 2 of Your 4 Wealth Promo Parties/Zooms
2. Complete ED2 & ED3 Roadmap
Download ED2 & ED3 Roadmap

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